DIVERSITY & INCLUSION - Department of International Trade


We treat everyone openly, fairly and equally, and we collaborate proactively with a can-do attitude, inspiring others to want to engage with us.

We respect each other’s views regardless of background, and we do not discriminate. We are ‘one DIT’ – a shared culture across our diverse, global organisation. 

We celebrate our diversity of thought, coming from different backgrounds, places and experiences to deliver the best for the UK, our markets and our customers. And we are better for it.

Staff networks

With 17 networks, there’s space for EVERYONE. 

Our networks support equality and showcase examples of inclusivity across the organisation. Each one has a senior champion to ensure they are heard at the top of the department.

Our networks pride themselves on working together, getting under the skin of intersectionality, championing allyship and education. Turning these collaborations into action plans which lead to real change.

Some of our networks include Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Network, Disability Network, EU Nationals Network, Health and Wellbeing Advocates, Social Mobility Network, Generation Network, Parent Group, Faith Group and Neurodiversity network.

How are you feeling today?

We are a department where health and wellbeing really matter. 

It lies at the heart of our business and strategic plans where senior leaders, managers and each employee take responsibility. 

Joining us will mean you have access to mental health first aiders, the wellbeing check in service, the health and wellbeing resource library, as well as social and educational events. 

We are committed to providing help with everything to support your mental, physical, social and financial health