PERSON SPECIFICATION - Department of International Trade

At the Department for International Trade(DIT), we believe the best trade professionals come from all walks of life.

Your personality and passion matter more  than the places and dates on your CV. So, even if you haven’t worked in business or government before, you could be the perfect  fit for our exciting new International Trade Development Programme.

We’re looking for character and ambition over experience-packed CVs. And it doesn’t  matter if you haven’t worked in government or business before. We want people who are keen to make a significant contribution to the government’s work in the UK and overseas.

You’ll also show:

  • Good judgement and ask questions to develop your understanding
  • Resilience and the ability to adapt while working in a fast-paced and changing  environment
  • An ability to use data to put together evidence-based suggestions to questions or problems
  • The ability to persuade and influence others, and work with others to find solutions that meet the department’s goals

If you can show evidence of the below, we’ll exchange it for all the training and experience  you need.

  • A strong interest in a career in international trade
  • An ability to take a structured approach to developing policy
  • An ability to develop oral briefing, communication and forward-thinking skills
  • An interest in developing skills in programme and project management

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to trade – apply for the programme now.