FAQs - Department of International Trade


  • 5 x GCSEs including English Language and Maths (or level 2 equivalent) at grade C and above (or the new grade 4 and above)

  • Yes. This role is open to suitably qualified people in the external market and to existing civil servants and those in accredited Non-Departmental Bodies.

  • This role is available for full-time or flexible working arrangements but you should discuss your needs if you are invited to interview.

  • You will undertake a six-month overseas posting.

  • If successful you will be based at DIT’s London or Darlington office. Unfortunately, relocation costs will not be reimbursed.

  • To be eligible for employment to this role  you must be a national from the following countries:

    • The United Kingdom
    • The Republic of Ireland
    • The Commonwealth*
    • A European Economic Area  (EEA) Member State
    • Switzerland
    • Turkey

    Certain family members of EEA,  Switzerland and Turkish nationals are  also eligible to apply regardless of  their nationality.

    (*Commonwealth citizens not yet in the  UK, who have no right of abode in the  UK and who do not have leave to enter  the UK are ineligible to apply.)

    For further information on whether you  are eligible to apply, please visit Gov.UK.

  • Certain posts, notably those concerned  with security and intelligence, might be  reserved for british citizens, but this will  not normally prevent access to a wide  range of developmental opportunities  within the civil service.

    This is a not a reserved post.

  • Yes. If successful you must hold, or be  willing to obtain, security clearance to SC level.

    All security clearances require you to provide evidence of your UK footprint where you have been physically present in the UK.

    The requirement for SC clearance is to have been present in the UK for 3 of the last 5 years.

    Failure to meet the above residency requirements will result in your security clearance application being rejected.

    More information about the vetting  process can be found at the following link

    https://www.gov.uk/guidance/security-  vetting-and-clearance

    Due to the level of security clearance  required, candidates must be at least 18  years old at the time of application.

  • We are committed to making reasonable  adjustments in order to support disabled  job applicants and ensure that you are  not disadvantaged in the recruitment  and assessment process. Reasonable

    adjustments could include; allowing extra  time during selection tests; ensuring that  information is provided in an accessible  format or; by providing training.

    If you feel that you may need a reasonable  adjustment to be made, or you would like  to discuss your requirements in more detail,  please contact us in the first instance.

    If you wish to receive a hard copy of  the information, or in an alternative  format e.g. Audio, Braille or large  font then please contact:

    IDTPTrade[email protected]

  • No. As this role is not one of the more  senior posts within the civil service.

    More detailed information can be found  on the civil service commission website.

  • The law requires that selection for  appointment to the civil service is on  merit on the basis of fair and open  competition as outlined in the civil  service commission’s recruitment  principles, which can be found at:

    http://civilservicecommission.  independent.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/RECRUITMENT-  PRINCIPLES-April-2018-FINAL-.pdf.